MAP International in Ecuador

In Ecuador, marginalized communities throughout the country, from jungles to the mountains to the coast, universally face one obstacle every day: the lack of clean drinking water. These communities are forced to collect rain water or water from rivers and streams, all of which contain waterborne diseases like parasites, which lead to serious sicknesses. However, MAP International in Ecuador, a global Christian health organization and one of Sawyer’s partners on the ground, is now combating that by providing the people of Ecuador with Sawyer water filters. Because of the work of Map International in Ecuador, through education and delivery of Sawyer water filters, sickness from waterborne diseases has decreased by 75%. Because of Sawyer’s commitment to quality products and social responsibility, Sawyer water filters are making a difference in the lives of people throughout Ecuador.¬†Join Sawyer in empowering people with the gift of clean, pure water.

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