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Sawyer Water Filters are not only keeping people protected while they travel, they are also helping to bring clean water all over the world. Sawyer bucket adapter filtration systems can last over 10 years and are reducing diarrhea by over 90% in developing countries.

Over 90% reduction rate of diarrhea in Liberia with a Sawyer Filter

In the first 23,719 Liberian households analyzed, 8,083 reported cases of diarrhea. After a two-week follow-up, the number was down to 699. A second follow up at eight weeks reported another decrease.

In Fiji, Sawyer filters will bring clean water to nearly 50% of the population who do not have access to a treated water supply.

There are currently more than 100,000 Sawyer filters donated to the Fiji project that are in process of distribution to the villages. GIS data collection is part of that process to quantify the effectiveness of the filters. As the results come in, the data is impressive. In addition to significant diarrhea reduction, Fiji families have experienced an average of $22.46 USD per month savings on medical costs, $10.50 per month savings on purchased water, and had an increase of 1.13 days of adult work days added to their monthly budgets.

Approximately 12.5% of a Fijian family’s monthly income can be saved simply by having clean water with a Sawyer Filter.

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