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Water Crisis

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 884 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water.

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Lives Improved

Clean water saves lives by reducing fatal water borne diseases and saves time and energy spent walking to clean water sources.

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Global Impact

We’ve partnered with over 100 different organizations in more than 80 countries to provide clean water solutions.

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We’ve made it as simple as it gets. No more digging wells if there is a water source, no constructing sand filters, and no more purification chemicals. No one has to boil their water to make it safe ever again. Families are able to hook up their filter literally in minutes to almost any locally found container. The gravity-operated filter and fast flow rate mean anyone, anywhere can have clean water in a matter of seconds.

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Fiona Mutesi, Age 12

Ryabega, Rwanda

Partner: Compassion International

250 Sawyer water filters were issued to families in that Rwandan community, and they immediately experienced improved health and lifestyle. Children no longer suffered from waterborne diseases, and they could fully participate in community projects and activities. They also achieved better results in school.

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