“People in Ethiopia and around Africa from larger organizations than ours heard about what we were doing and sent their representatives hundreds of miles to come see our water presentations in these remote villages and they were also amazed.”

– Dr. Jana Turns

“The filters were nothing short of AMAZING… we took all of the filters that we purchased from you in February and traveled out to the most remote villages in Western Ethiopia… and I mean remote. These are villages where the women and children walk miles 2 to 3 times per day to get water from streams and rivers and bring back to cook with, bathe in, play in and worst of all DRINK!! As I think I mentioned to you before, these poor destitute people suffer from horrible diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Malaria, Intestinal Parasites and TB, and 85 percent of these diseases are caused by this terrible dirty water that they drink!!

We were able to set up “water stations” and supply 15 remote hut villages, each with 2500 people, with CLEAN DISEASE-FREE WATER! It was beyond incredible! Still brings goose bumps to my skin and tears to my eyes.

While we were there we also supplied water filters for some of the top Ethiopian government officials personal use as their families do not have clean water to drink either. They had never heard of such a filter and were thrilled to be introduced to Sawyer through Doctors Giving Back. These are groups that continue to try to clean the water with wells, pumps, generators and solar options, which we have also tried only to find that they just don’t solve the huge problem!”


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“They were so curious and so excited I couldn’t make myself push them away for a good photo of the filter in operation. They were amazed!”

– Charlie, Ethiopian Child

“In Gurane Village, Ethiopia where it was necessary to walk about two hours to get there, we installed a pointONE filter. In the first photo the village health worker is drilling the hole with the help of her cousin. In the second two she is showing it to people in the village. The last photo is the water source.

They were so curious and so excited I couldn’t make myself push them away for a good photo of the filter in operation. They were amazed! One man was 94 yrs. old, flies on his face, his upper body wrapped in a white gabby… mesmerized.”

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