“I hope you realize that your work has not only saved the lives of the Afghani people, but the lives of my brothers in arms as well by helping to allow a trusting relationship to build between the villagers and the US military. Thank you!”

– Letter to Waves4Water from US Army soldier Kyle Dubay

“It’s no secret that Afghanistan is considered to be a hostile place at the moment, especially for Americans. But the majority of the local population have the same basic needs as anywhere else – and the fact that it is still a kinetic war zone, brings the likelihood of humanitarian assistance down to a dramatic degree.
“This brings me to my point – who is there, all the time? The US military. They are stationed throughout the entire country with great infrastructure in place. Whether or not you agree with the reasoning for being there in the first place doesn’t matter at this point – we are there. So it is even more important to make the absolute best of being there, which CPT Brabner and his crew are doing. Their first objective is to keep the insurgents at bay, so that the majority of the population can go about their lives without living in fear of being bullied and harassed by ‘mafia-like’ Taliban forces. And in addition, through projects like ours, this military unit has actively sought out new innovative ways to help these villagers beyond their basic orders.

“This is a pivotal time for US Operations in Afghanistan – I feel that this project could be instrumental in changing the conversation from the negative reports we so often hear in the media, to some of the positive impacts that are taking place – like this W4W mission! The military is not just a symbol of a nation’s strength, it is also a network. One that reaches far and wide, with great structure and organization throughout. If we can tap into this network and create program where every single military unit has water filters that they can distribute during their deployments – we are talking serious global impact!

“The military doesn’t get much credit for its humanitarian efforts – and while it might not be their primary focus during deployment, they do embark on a number of humanitarian initiatives… I saw it first hand just after the earthquake in Haiti when we worked side by side with the 82nd Airborne. Then, again, months later during our project with the UN Military also in Haiti… and now in Afghanistan with The Wolfhounds.

“Having logged some serious time with our armed forces in two countries, I can speak with confidence when saying how incredibly grateful I am of their service. It is moments like these that truly showcase the greatness in humanity.

“With the first phase of this mission already completed, Waves For Water and The Wolfhounds have effectively provided 20,000 Afghans with access to clean water. The project is now gaining momentum throughout the military chain of command and the private sector alike. Please spread the word and help to bring a positive light to an otherwise dark subject, like war.” – Jon Rose, Founder, Waves for Water

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