Charities & Church Groups

Sawyer filters can help keep members of your charity or church group safe from water-borne illnesses when they are traveling, and also provide a low-cost, life-saving opportunity to reach out to people around the world.

Below are just a few examples of how Sawyer has helped charities bring water and hope, to read more impactful stories from around the globe, click here.

Life Spring Ministry

“Before we received the Sawyer filters, 5 to 6 children would die every month due to water related diseases. Since receiving the filters the number of deaths has decreased significantly.” -Bishop Alex Wabwile

Bishop Alex oversees over 100 churches in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi. His hometown in Webuye, Kenya is in a region of Kenya that does not receive assistance from the government or foreign NGO’s for political reasons. Life Spring Ministries was able to bring Bishop Alex Sawyer filters so they could filter the contaminated water from their self-dug boreholes.

At the church in Webuye you will find a 1000 liter tank with a Sawyer filter attached to it. This set-up has been supplying clean drinking water to over 100 families in the community for the past two years.


Saddleback Church Clean Water Initiative

Pastor Guillermo and his church in Argentina have a heart for the Guarani Indian tribe. They have reached out to them for nearly a decade with no real success. Saddleback’s PEACEWater team equipped his church with health and hygiene training, and Sawyer water filters. The dramatic improvement in the tribe’s health has built a bridge of trust that has resulted in many Guarani accepting Christ.

Saddleback’s PEACEwater team was surprised at the dramatic, visible health changes they saw in the tribe. Our team told us that the Guarani were lethargic and did not participate in the Health and Hygiene class with any energy or enthusiasm. A year after the training and technology installations our team returned and was amazed at how much better the Guarani looked physically. The Guarani ran to greet them and engaged in all activities. Pastor Guillermo visited Saddleback Church last week and asked for more Sawyer filters to further his ministry helping the Guarani Indians live better lives.


Start With One – Kenya

Start With One Kenya received the following letter after distributing Sawyer water filters in Kenya:

“Praise the Lord pastor, let me give you a testimony of one family whom you have helped with a water filter.

“Her child was admitted for three days. The child endured severe abdominal pain which drained the finances as they sought treatment. The child contracted the preventable water bone disease as result of drinking untreated water, but today the family have overcome this problem.

“Thanks to Start With One for introducing this water filters! May the Lord bless you.”

– Pastor Charles in Nakuru


Compassion International

“Most of the people in this community suffer from waterborne diseases such as parasites, dysentery, typhoid, malaria and so on. The problem was aggravated by lack of enough firewood in the area to boil the water, and many people drank it just the way it was. In 2010, God performed for us a great miracle for He had understood well the great difficulties we had for long of not having safe water. At that time 250 water filters were issued to 250 families of the supported children. A single filter can serve as many as six families around them.

“The families that received these filters had a great change in their lives, for their children now no longer suffer from the above waterborne diseases, and they are no longer sickly as before. They now participate fully in the project activities, study well and get good results in class.

“Many are worshipers and born-again Christians. Many who were non-believers found it as a God-sent miracle and changed their lifestyle. They are now changed to become believers in Jesus and accepted to be baptized. I now baptize every three months, yet before I used to do so once a year. In short, the church congregation has grown so big because the community is now free from diseases and buying firewood to boil water to drink. The time spent on searching for firewood and boiling water is now spent on other activities.” – Pastor Rubaduka Mathias in Rwanda


Agua con Bendiciones

“Our unique ‘Ministry Model’ in Honduras requires recipients to share their new capacity for water purification with at least two other households for no less than 6 months. Prior to receiving a filter recipients are required to complete a training component that incorporates Gospel spirituality, a culture of service, basic understanding of parasitic contamination and health issues, assembly, decoration (very important!) and maintenance–concluding in blessing and contractual commitments.

Two years into the program, at nearly 500 filters, we have plenty to celebrate: The program is successful! Nearly 500 filters have been placed in 13 different congregations, via the sponsorship and leadership of various US congregations and individuals. In a recently conducted study, the mothers report complete satisfaction with the filters. 100% claim that their families are free of intestinal parasites. We see signs of improved health in the poorest children: kids we have known for years as listless, underweight, and constantly complaining of parasite symptoms, now show signs of thriving. Their moms and teachers tell us they see a remarkable difference. Only one filter is known to have been retrieved from a family because of irresponsibility. The women, according to one another’s witness, are faithful to the ministry model.” – Sister Larraine Lauter, Agua con Bendiciones, Honduras


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