Get Involved

Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean water… where mothers can provide safe water to their children… where sickness doesn’t rob those children of their education and childhood.

Imagine a world where money doesn’t have to be spent on buying medication for preventable diseases, but is spent feeding children starving.

Imagine where parents can feel healthy enough to work and earn a living so they can help change their world for the better.

You can help make that world a reality. Here’s how:



By Donating A Filter

Help bring clean water to people that desperately need it by donating a filter–or any amount toward the purchase of one–through one of our many international humanitarian partners.


With Your Charity or Church Group

See how your charity or church can help bring clean water and hope to developing nations.


By Becoming a Partner

We have more than 100 partners around the world, and would love to work with your organization too!


Through Your Local Rotary Club

Sawyer is proud to partner with Rotary Clubs around the world. Learn how Rotary is working toward the UN Millennium Development Goal of bringing clean, safe drinking water to everyone. Join your local Rotary Club’s effort, or get your club involved.