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Disaster Relief

Every year, millions of people across the world are affected by natural disasters. Regardless of a country’s economic or political standing, natural disasters can unexpectedly devastate families, homes, and cities. Specific scenarios can vary but clean drinking water will always remain one of the top priorities for any disaster relief program.

Charities & Churches

We are fortunate to work with a variety of charities and churches who are on a mission to make a long lasting impact in the lives of those around the world without access to clean drinking water. See how your charity or church can help bring clean water and hope to developing nations.

Rotary: Sawyer

Sawyer is proud to partner with Rotary Clubs around the world. Learn how Rotary is working toward the UN Millennium Development Goal of bringing clean, safe drinking water to everyone. Join your local Rotary Club’s effort or get your club involved.

Become A Partner

We have the life changing water filtration technology but we also need more help getting these filters installed around the world. Join us on our mission to change the world by partnering with us to help bring clean water to those in need.

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