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Sawyer Filters Save Rural Families in Fiji over $600/year

With the help of Sawyer filters, Fiji will become one of the first nations with a border to border clean water solution. Sawyer filters will bring clean water to the nearly 50% of the population that does not have access to a treated water supply. Many of these communities rely on contaminated wells or rivers for their water supply. GIS (geographic information system) software is currently tracking the implementation of 100,000 Sawyer filters and the results for the following will be submitted for publication in journals and be featured in clean water conferences around the world:

    • Diarrhea reduction
    • Work and school days recaptured associated with waterborne sickness
    • Purchased water savings and medical savings associated with waterborne sickness

In an ongoing study we have with Give Clean Water in rural Fiji, families are saving over $600/year by having a Sawyer Filter, an impressive figured especially when considering the average monthly income is just over $400.

Not only does GIS technology allow for the tracking of the filter installations and follow-ups, but robust health and socio-economic data is also collected. Each family that receives a water filter voluntarily participates in a survey that measures diarrhea reduction, school and work days recaptured that were once lost due to waterborne sickness, purchased water savings, and medical savings associated with waterborne sickness. The survey was carefully crafted and is being analyzed by an independent United States based university. As the results come in, the data is impressive. In addition to significant diarrhea reduction (>90%), Fiji families have experienced an average of $22.46 USD per month savings on medical costs, $10.50 per month savings on purchased water, and had an increase of 1.13 days of adult work days added to their monthly budgets.

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