Sawyer Point ZeroTwo Water Purification Kit

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The Sawyer SP190 Biological/Viral Purification Kit includes a small, lightweight filter that can provide up to 170 gallons of clean water per day. This Bucket adaptor kit offers the same level of protection against bacteria and protozoa, and is the first portable filtration devices to remove viruses mechanically at a 0.02 MICRON ABSOLUTE 5.5 log (99.9997%) removal rate, the highest level of filtration available today.


  • Provides up to 170 gallons of clean water per day


  • Hole Cutter
  • Sawyer Point ZeroTWO™ 0.02 Micron Absolute Inline Water Purifier
  • Adapter
  • Hose
  • Filter Cleaner
  • Filter Hanger
  • Detailed instruction book
  • Bucket not included

Technical Specifications

Removes: Bacteria, protozoa, viruses
Recommended Use: Hiking, backpacking, ultralight backpacking, camping, paddling, group camping, emergency preparedness
Product #: [SP190]

Made in USA.

Product Downloads:

  • +Can you put muddy water in the bucket?

    Yes, though backwashing will be required more frequently. It will not alter the effectiveness of the filter to remove harmful pathogens.

  • +Do I have to use a plastic five gallon bucket?

    You can attach the filter to any size container you can drill a hole in. We recommend attaching the filter to a clean container that is either food grade or was previously used to transport food items. Do not attach the filter to a bucket that was used to transport chemicals. The filter will also fit into most water crocks by removing the existing valve and replacing it with the fittings supplied with the filter.

    For more output hook multiple filters up to a large cistern or rainwater catchment system. You will want to have the 3 foot hose option so you can raise the filter above the water level to shut off the flow.

  • +Do I need the pointONE Filter™ or the PointZERO TWO Purifier™?

    To play it safe you can always take the pointZERO TWO purifier, but people in their natural environments typically only need bacterial protection because they build up immunity overtime to the viruses they have been exposed to.

  • +Do you need a power drill to cut the hole in the bucket?

    No. You can cut the hole with the included hole cutter by hand.