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Collapsible Bladder Kits

Collapsible Bladder Kits

Collapsible Bladder Kits

Much like the Bucket Adapter Kits, these water filtration systems can make an immediate impact. These lightweight and high capacity bladders can be used in areas where buckets are not as accessible or are not an option. We currently offer One and Two Gallon bladders (3.78 Liters and 7.57 Liters). Both of which are perfect for transportable water solutions.

Disaster Situations

Ideal for disaster situations where transporting buckets is difficult or not an option

Lightweight Variations

One and Two Gallon Variations, flow rates, weights. The One Gallon Gravity Filtration Kit can filter one gallon of water in as little as 7 minutes.

Easy to Maintain

backwashing instructions / link to tips tricks and videos

The Sawyer Difference

Sawyer is the only company that tests 100% of our filters before leaving our production facility to ensure that each and every filters is fully operational. We are the only hollow fiber filter company that can make this claim and this is one of the reasons why our filters are far superior to other filters available on the market. This level of quality control is part of the reason why our filters cost more than other options on the market but when it comes to long term use and reliability, our performance and quality is unmatchable.

Sawyer Bucket Filter Assembly and Maintenance

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