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We are an American outdoor gear company… with a mission. We want to help change the world.

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Sawyer’s 0.1 Micron Absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane filters are small, portable, easy-to-use, reliable, inexpensive, and can last more than 10 years without needing to be replaced.

Each filter is certified for ABSOLUTE microns which means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 micron in size. This makes it impossible for harmful microplastics, bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giradia, Vibrio cholerae, and Salmonella typhi (which cause Cholera and Typhoid) to pass through the Sawyer PointONE™ biological filter. At 7 log (99.99999%) the filter attains the highest level of filtration available today.

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