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Love a Village



Love a Village

Our Strategy

We help among the “neediest of the needy” in Northern Malawi by focusing one village at a time starting in the community of Luhomero – a network of 42 villages. Working with local partners in a way that unleashes their potential, Love a Village has set some ambitious but simple 5 year goals:

  • 50 shallow wells (10/year)
  • 500 water filters (100/year)
  • 500 toilets (100/year)
  • New farming techniques training and implementation
  • Sheet metal roofing to replace homes with thatch roofing
  • Chickens, goats & other animals
  • Girls programs involving teaching sewing skills & feminine hygiene

Our goal is that at the end of 5 years, each village will have toilets, food security, safe shelter, access to education and easily accessible clean water.

Working with Sawyer

Water is non-negotiable for survival. We don’t want to stand by while villagers rely on contaminated water on a daily basis. Through simple and creative initiatives implemented through partnerships with local leaders, you can join us to make a difference.

We are helping to provide clean water in 2 ways:

  • Water Filters through Sawyer PointOne Filters
  • Shallow Wells through SMART Centre Malawi

Training & Partnership

A local team of volunteer leaders is the backbone of our vision. Our lives have been irrevocably changed through encountering the strength, resilience, and ingenuity of our Malawian friends. It has been our privilege to play a role in mobilizing incredible leaders to impact their community for the better. Through our local team, we provide contextualized training and regular follow up visits to ensure that Sawyer filters are properly used and maintained.

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