Hope2o International inc.

Hope2o International is a 501c3 non-profit organization bringing safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Their goal is to provide tested, cost efficient and user-friendly technologies, in the form of portable water filters, to people around the world that desperately need clean drinking water. Sawyer filters helps them do just that.  Hope2o has partnered up with locals, government agencies, universities and like-minded NGOs to install Sawyer PointOne filters in water strained communities in both Haiti and Cambodia. In doing so, they have been able to significantly reduce the number of hours people spent collecting water, prevent water borne illnesses, and provide a reliable source of clean drinking water for the communities they have reached. Hope2o’s model allows them to use even the smallest donations in order to directly impact the lives of those in need.        

Hope2o International was founded by two undergraduate students, who simply wanted to help make a positive impact on the global water crisis. The organization is headquartered in Miami, Florida which puts them in the advantageous position to operate in Haiti- the poorest country in the western hemisphere. During the height of the cholera outbreak in Haiti, which infected over 600,000 people and killed over 8,000- the team made an emergency mission to install hundreds of filters in affected villages and schools. Today, the team continues to expand on their mission of providing clean drinking water, educating water sanitation practices, and responding to disaster situations.