“Many who were non-believers found the filters as a God-sent miracle and changed their lifestyle. They are now changed to become believers.”

-Pastor Rubaduka Mathias

In a community in Rwanda, scores of children experienced health issues due to a lack of clean water. Before receiving Sawyer filters from Compassion International, people fetched dirty water and waited for it to settle before separating it from the residues. Others tried boiling the water and then waiting for it too cool before drinking.

But the majority drank the water as is due to a lack of enough firewood in the area for boiling. As a result, most people in the community suffered from waterborne diseases such as parasites, dysentery and typhoid.

In 2010, 250 Sawyer water filters were issued to families in that Rwandan community, and they immediately experienced improved health and lifestyle. Children no longer suffered from waterborne diseases, and they could fully participate in community projects and activities. They also achieved better results in school.

Others in the area benefited because they received drinking water from the families receiving filters.

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