“School attendance was about 72 percent. After we installed Sawyer filters into the school, the attendance increased to 90 percent.”

– Dr. Feroz Ismail

Pakistan’s floods of Summer 2010 were rated by the United Nations as the greatest humanitarian crisis that the UN has ever faced. And although it measured such magnitude, the disaster went largely unnoticed by the international community.

The UN expressed concern that aid was not arriving fast enough, and the World Health Organization reported that ten million people were forced to drink unsafe water.

Waves For Water responded. We overlooked the politics and the threats and focused on the human crisis. Within a month, we raised funds, shipped water filtration systems, and arrived in Pakistan to find partners in country to combine efficiencies for optimizing distribution of clean water to those in need.

So far, Waves For Water has provided clean water for more than 60,000 people in Pakistan.

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HASWA has been providing clean water to families in Pakistan since the flooding occurred. The sharing model we use provides clean water for the children during the school day and at the end of the day each child brings a two liter bottle of clean water home to share with the family.

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