“Before we received the Sawyer filters, 5 to 6 children would die every month due to water related diseases. Since receiving the filters the number of deaths has decreased significantly.”

– Bishop Alex

Bishop Alex Wabwile oversees 100 churches in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. His hometown in Webuye, Kenya, is in a region that does not receive assistance from the government or foreign non-profit government organizations for political reasons.

To help people in the area, the non-profit group Life Spring Ministry brought Sawyer filters to Bishop Alex so residents could filter the contaminated water from their self-dug boreholes.

The city now features a 1,000 liter tank with a Sawyer water filter that supplies clean water to more than 100 families in the community.

“We have seen the following impact in the lives of the households using only filtered water: Significant reduction in diarrhea (especially among children), reduction in repeat intestinal worm infections, and an overall improvement in the family’s health.”

– Dr. Ravi Jayakaran

“MAP International has been using Sawyer water filters in our field programs for over two years. They are easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

In total, MAP International has distributed around 650 water filters, reaching over 9,000 people worldwide. In Kenya, the village boss recognized how valuable the filters were, and searched all over to find more. In Bolivia, the introduction of the water filters meant much more than just a source of clean water. The filters served as a springboard for holistic, community-wide change in water and sanitation. We saw in Ecuador improved behavior and school performance in children.

We are very happy with the Sawyer water filters and are now introducing it in new areas.”


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“Thanks to Start With One for introducing this water filters! May the Lord bless you.”

– Pastor Charles in Nakuru

Start With One Kenya received the following letter after distributing Sawyer water filters in Kenya:

“Let me give you a testimony of one family whom you have helped with a water filter. Her child was admitted for three days. The child endured severe abdominal pain which drained the finances as they sought treatment. The child contracted the preventable water bone disease as result of drinking untreated water, but today the family have overcome this problem.

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