Harbortown Rotary 
Village of Lougou, Haiti

In June 2011, Harbortown Rotarians hand carried 100 filter kits into Lougou,Haiti–a village of 1600 people in 130 households located 6 hours from Port-Au-Prince. The people live in small, primitive huts and shelters scattered over 3-4 square miles of hilly terrain near a river. No one has clean water. While water is readily available from the nearby river, lagoon and springs, all sources were found to be contaminated upon testing. Dirty water is the source of many of the villagers’ chronic medical conditions, as well as the countrywide cholera outbreak.
According to the Harbortown Rotary’s final report, the project was a “big success.” Lougou had suffered 2 deaths and 22 villagers were hospitalized from cholera before the Rotary visit. The Sawyer water filters “allowed a quick response to a serious medical emergency.” There has not been a case of cholera or typhoid since the pure water systems were put in service. Also the community nurse reports that the children appear healthier and happier, since being on good water for the first time in their lives.


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We always feel good about giving the gift of clean water. In my opinion, water is a god given right – like air…

But the fact that there are still such staggering statistics, such as – 1 out of 6 people do not have access to clean drinking water – means there is obviously a hole in the equation. I say it all the time, but there is absolutely no reason that ANYONE should die from dirty water when solutions, like the simple water filtration devices we use, exist. So our primary goal has been to fill that hole by simply connecting the brilliant technology that already exists with the people who need it. It’s nobodies fault, there’s just missing links in the chain sometimes. In this case, the gifted minds who created this incredible technology did their job perfectly – they created user-friendly devices that can make almost any contaminated water, potable. But it isn’t necessarily their job to identify the individuals around the world who so desperately need them… or be the ones to deliver them for that matter. And the folks around the world who are in such dire need solutions like this, don’t have the slightest idea that they exist. That’s where we come in… and on behalf of W4W I will say we are honored to play a roll, of any size, in the big vision that so many people around the world share, which is – clean water for everyone!

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Waves for Water is working hand-in-hand with the United Nations and key leaders from communities to distribute clean drinking water solutions throughout Haiti. This project really is set up for success. Here’s the brief synopsis of how it works following my existing model for distribution, the military units I visit introduce me to the key leaders in their area. People running schools, church’s, hospitals, local (Haitian) NGO’s, youth groups, etc. Then I do a demonstration for them and gauge their response. Usually they are very receptive and I give them each a small amount of filters for a test.