“We have broken the cycle of suffering in these families.”

“Dona Carmelina and her 5 children live a few meters from the saline domes in Sipacarte, La Gomera, which is 140 km from Guatemala City. When we visited her, immediately we realized that they were drinking contaminated water from a small well near her home. Thanks to your filters, today Carmelina and her family are enjoying purified water.

We were able to distribute 61 Sawyer PointONE filters in the community ‘El Pinalito Quezada’ in Jatiapa, Guatemala, where the source of water for these families is communal: small ponds where rain water accumulated or comes from the mountains. This water is used to cook, clean dishes, and drink.

Clearly, the water is contaminated, but thanks to your donation, we have broken the cycle of suffering in these families. From now on, they will have access to pure water, which as a result, will bring better health and longer life.”


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