“We are seeing a 75% decrease in sickness especially water-borne disease such as parasite infections.”

– Geovanny Santamaria, MAP Ecuador

“Before having our water filter, my kids often had diarrhea and had to spend a lot of time at clinics or the hospital because of stomach problems. But now with the water filter, we have the option of filtering our water and giving uncontaminated water to our kids. We no longer have to worry about their health.”

– Tania, mother, Toachi Community

“The Pure Water project in Ecuador began when the MAP Ecuador team chose 50 families (300 people) for filter distribution, including an indigenous Amazonian group, called the Tsa’chilla.
In those 50 families, the most common diseases, frequent diarrhea, fever and stomachache ocurred 4 times per month before implementing the filters. Now the frequency of the diseases is 1 time per month. This represents a savings of $30-$40 dollars per month in treatments and visits to the doctor. The time saved now is destined for productive activities and to act on other problems in the family.

“The water consumption also has improved. Formerly, a maximum of 3 liters of water per day was consumed, now the quantity has increased to 7 liters per day. The adults also feel that has improved their health, because the diseases related to the low consumption of water like muscular pains, problems in kidneys, headache, etc., have diminished considerably. The children under 1 year old are most benefitted because the quantity and quality of milk has improved in mothers.”

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