Sawyer Colombia S.A.S.

Sawyer Colombia was created by the community need to have drinking water at your fingertips. ‘s low investment in health infrastructure and public and private basic sanitation in a large percentage of the country’s municipalities, is reflected in lack of sewerage treatment plants and domestic and industrial waste water, proliferation of septic tanks and sewage systems in disrepair. For this, Sawyer Colombia was formed and joined Sawyer USA, to combat the lack of potable water in the country and the rest of the continent. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 884 million people worldwide have access to drinking water. As a result, 1.4 million children die each year from water-borne diseases, which equates to one child every 20 seconds. remain high in Colombia, the costs associated with diarrheal disease caused by contaminated water and poor conditions of children. Poorer population groups often lack adequate services and healing aqueduct. Annually about 7,400 new cases of chronic bronchitis is present in the country. every year generate about 13,000 hospitalizations and 255,000 hospital visits and external emergency each year. Particulate matter causes about 6,000 deaths. Approximately 9% of the population lack access to improved water source. Lack of sewerage in urban centers is a serious environmental problem for the country. The 28% of the municipalities in Colombia does not have potable water and 40% have no sewerage. importing With this advanced filtration technology, Sawyer Colombia is focused on helping reduce the percentage of children who die from diseases caused by water pollution. imagine that the world does not have the money to be spent on medicines for preventable diseases, but physically and mentally to nurture children. Imagine that parents have good health to work and generate economic and social progress where the major beneficiaries are each of the citizens of our country.