OGM Distribution

Outdoor Gear Malaysia’s online shop started in 2011 over a jungle camping trip among friends who were clearly frustrated over the availability of quality, practical and affordable camping gear in Malaysia. So, we decided to team up and establish OGM-Shop.

 We consist of individuals with varied experiences in the outdoors. Some are outdoor leaders, mountain guides, kayakers and even bushcrafters! We try our best to test each and every piece of equipment we sell before we put them on our shelves. That way, we know the product is good and worthy for our customers.

 End 2012, we have decided that it is timely to have our own physical retail shop. With all the constant meet ups and inquiries, it only makes sense that we have a showroom and retail space that allows our friends to call home. It is not only a place to browse through outdoor gear but also a place to share and grow the interest together.

Happy adventures everyone!